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I have studied voiceover and commercial acting since 1997. In 2009 I created my own studio and began working steadily from there. Whether you need a professional female voice that's warm and soft, or a peppy, excited character, sultry or straightforward, or even if you prefer cheesy, announcer-like, conversational, child-like, young, adult, or other versions of these types of voices, I'm here for you!

As a cartoon lover, I began finding my own voices at the age of 16 as a Tour Guide in Nashville, Tennessee. When approached by tourists who asked me to speak “Southern” I most certainly obliged. At the same time I picked up the tourists' accent and spoke back to them in their own dialect. I built on my variety of accents working in an International Airport for nearly a decade.

Other than Tourism and Transportation, I have a background in Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, have a degree in Business Management, and I have also hosted local contests, events and speaking engagements.

Have you clicked the player to listen to my vocal samples yet? I'd be happy to give you a customer audition using your script. Let's Talk! Please contact me today for your quote and my availability by email at Lisa@LisaHayesVoice.com

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Being active in Social Media also since 2009, I've worked in Marketing Communications. I have a very diverse personal background and understand matching products and marketing concepts to targeted audiences.  

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