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Welcome to Lisa Hayes VoiceOver & Narration!

Welcome to Lisa Hayes VoiceOver & Narration!

Welcome to Lisa Hayes VoiceOver & Narration!Welcome to Lisa Hayes VoiceOver & Narration!Welcome to Lisa Hayes VoiceOver & Narration!

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Your go-to female voiceover and narrator in Nashville, Tennessee


Get a free quote for your narration script today! Each quote includes my rate and a turnaround time. Often you can expect a 24-hour turnaround for voiceover scripts less than 1,000 words. I want to help you meet your deadline, let me know your schedule!


I've studied voiceover and commercial acting since 1997. In 2009, I built my own studio, learned digital editing, and have been working steadily since. I strive to grow and improve every day! I upgraded my recording booth and all equipment in 2017. 

Whether you need a professional female voice for narration that's straightforward, authoritative, just right for the corporate world, or warm, soft, peppy, excited character, sultry, or even if you prefer narration, announcer-like, conversational, child-like, young, adult, or honest, like your best friend, 

I'm here for you!


As a cartoon lover, I began finding my own voices at the age of 16 as a Tour Guide in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm a Nashville native but tourists asked me if I could speak Southern, and I most certainly obliged. Meanwhile, I picked up the tourists' accents and spoke back to them in their own dialect! I built on my variety of accents working in an International Airport for nearly a decade, while also bartering my voiceover work for local services. 


Other than Tourism and Transportation, I have a background in Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, and a degree in Business Management, I have also hosted local contests, events, and speaking engagements.


Have you clicked the player, in the blue section above, to listen to my samples? I'd be happy to give you a custom audition of your script. 

Let's Talk! 

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Other than narration, I've been active in Social Media since 2009. I've worked in Marketing Communications and Events in Nashville. I have a very diverse personal background and understand matching products and marketing concepts to targeted audiences. I'd love to help get the word out about Your services!

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Lisa Hayes VoiceOver & Narration

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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